FAME Zyweic LM-01


Delivery beds are designed for patients in maternitygynaecology wards, in all stages of childbirth : antenatal period, childbirth, postpartum period.
Ensure comfort and safety for patient. Bed can be easily transformed into a delivery chair. Equipment enables specialistic examinations whilst
offering the most convenient delivery position for the patient. Easy to operate by medical staff during pro. Central wheel locking system guarantees easy and stable positioning of the bed and the directional wheel enable easy maneuvering.


  • Height adjustment: 560–930 mm (hydraulic pump)
  • Back rest inclination angle: 70° (gas spring)
  • Trendelenburg position: 12° (gas spring)
  • Reverse Trendelenburg position: 5° (gas spring)
  • Seat section inclination angle: –
  • Bed’s length: 2180 mm
  • Bed’s length in chair position: 1620 mm
  • Maximum width: 980 mm
  • Bed frame width: 855 mm
  • Permissible load: 170 kg
  • Permissible load (foot segment): 170 kg
  • Power supply: –
  • Maximum power consumption: –
  • Gynaecological bowl capacity: 14L